Led by industry experts and noted authors Jim and Sarah Marion, JSMPROS is a full-service educational service firm offering a variety of PeopleTools training courses. Your students will use our hosted servers to complete hands-on activities designed around real-world scenarios. JSMPROS offers both live-virtual and on-site delivery methods. Organizations are welcome to choose from our standard course offerings or work with our team to build a custom training agenda tailored to your implementation and knowledge requirements.

Meet the Team

Photo of Jim Marion, founder of JSMPROS

Principal Instructor, Co-Founder

A regular blogger, speaker, author, and all round PeopleTools guru, Jim Marion brings more than 15 years of PeopleSoft experience. Jim has experience both inside and outside of Oracle. In a word, Jim has been "there." He knows what it is like to be a customer.

Photo of Sarah Marion, founder of JSMPROS

Editor, Co-Founder

An english major and public speaker, Sarah Marion is the grammar hammer, office manager, and wit behind JSMPROS. When not correcting Mr. Marion's grammar, Sarah is leading Strong classes at "The Y."

Photo of Daniel Marion

Webmaster, System Administrator, Sound Engineer

Daniel Marion is a Software Engineering student currently loaning talent to JSMPROS. When not writing markup, you can find Daniel in his backyard tinkering with a Datsun (some people call them Nissans).

Photo of Kellie Rodriguez

Graphics Designer

Kellie Rodriguez is our graphics designer. She loves to draw and it shows. Kellie designs marketing brochures, fliers, and anything else requiring an eye for balance and color.

Photo of Richy Bryant


Richy Bryant records and edits our online course offerings. He uses camera magic and technology to make us look and sound great! Richy has a lot of hobbies. You might find him in his driveway working on his Firebird, at the gym pumping iron, at the church discipling other men, or at home honoring his wife and family.

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