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**Integration Day 2022!** Integrate with the cloud!
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Getting the Most out of PeopleSoft PeopleTools: Tips and Techniques (Reconnect)

Reconnect 2021 Dive Deep Conference session #100490 With new features added regularly, PeopleTools gets better every release. In this session, developers will learn tips and techniques to build better solutions faster! Topics include Fluid, Integration, and Configuration. From PeopleCode to Java to JavaScript, learn techniques to help you leverage the entire PeopleSoft stack. Objectives: Understand the role of regression testing Experience configuration alternatives to customizations Use Drop Zones and Event Mapping

Moving from Customized to Configured: Make it Your PeopleSoft! (Reconnect)

PeopleSoft Reconnect Session ID: 101820 With continuous delivery and selective adoption, staying current is critical to customer success. But how can we stay current when we have so many customizations? This session will teach you strategies to reduce your customization footprint and increase organizational value while retaining business-specific differentiators.

PeopleTools 8.59: Exploring the Latest User Interface Features (Reconnect)

PeopleTools 8.59 is available, and with it comes exciting new changes to the User Interface. Search is more prominent and efficient, redesigned Home Pages, improved notifications, and a new Quick Access bar, and more. Come to this session to hear Oracle Ace Jim Marion describe how your organization can benefit. Join Jim Marion and David Bain at Reconnect 2021 to explore the latest user interface features.

Integration Tools Update

Learn modern integration strategies and tools to help you implement robust integrations through our three-day Integration Tools update course. This course offers a subset of our five-day Integration Tools course, forgoing Integration Broker basics to focus on emerging technology. As organizations move to the cloud incrementally, we see pieces of ERP functionality migrating outside the once self-contained ERP. For developers, this means increased integration points using modern integration technologies with little choice regarding implementation strategy. Fortunately, PeopleSoft's Integration Broker technology is fully capable of handling these requests. Through this three-day course, you will: Use modern data transfer formats such as…


PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF)

Use PTF regression tests to reduce upgrade cycles by focusing on issues. Upgrade faster through end-user test automation. With continuous delivery, we must implement automation solutions to reduce barriers to staying current. Automated end-user testing is a perfect automation opportunity. PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is Oracle's meta data-centric answer to end-user testing automation. In this course, you will: Configure and install PTFDevelop, record, and optimize testsWrite tests using the PTF languageOptimize tests through conditional logicTest on a variety of browsers using test profilesCreate test cases and test suitesCreate and use test libraries, including delivered librariesUse variables, data sets, recursion, scroll…

Approval Workflow Engine (AWE)

A core component of Enterprise Components, the Approval Workflow Engine is PeopleSoft's modern approval framework. In this two-day session, developers will learn how to configure and extend delivered approval processes (day one), and then how to workflow-enable a custom bolt-on module, creating all of the metadata logic necessary to submit an approval request to the AWE workflow engine (day two). Topics covered include: Attendees receive a step-by-step activity guide as well as access to jsmpros training servers. Audience: Even though we designed this course for PeopleSoft Developers, day one is relevant to functional business analysts. Please contact the organizer if…


Fluid 1: The Basics of Fluid

Fluid is PeopleSoft's latest user experience design paradigm. Fluid is both simple and complex. A two-day course designed for developers, architects, designers, and system analysts, this class focuses on the simple aspects of Fluid development to make students as productive as fast as possible. Through hands-on activities, students will learn the basics of Fluid development, including Fluid user interface configurations and best practices for page development. Topics covered include: Navigation (Homepages, Tiles, Dashboards, Navigation Collections, and Tile Wizard) Fluid page design Fluid layout Small form factor considerations Fluid search strategies This session is part 1 of a two-part series. If…


Fluid 2: Intermediate Fluid Development

Fluid 2 teaches developers the techniques used by Oracle and modern web developers to build both responsive and adaptive user experiences through Fluid. This course builds upon the basics learned in our Fluid 1 course. Students will learn advanced topics such as using modern CSS frameworks for responsive design and creating dynamic tiles for intelligent homepages. Topics include: Creating special page types Using Fluid-specific group box types Leveraging Fluid grid layouts Writing your own Fluid CSS Using Fluid-specific PeopleCode Creating dynamic tiles If you already know the basics, you can skip Fluid 1 and register for Fluid 2 directly. Other…


PeopleTools 1 and 2 Accelerated

Also known as PeopleTools Boot Camp Week 1 and PeopleTools Foundations, this five-day class is for developers that are new to the PeopleTools platform. Our PeopleTools 1 and 2 course makes developers productive as fast as possible. In this course, new developers will: Learn about fields, field types, and labels, the primary building block for PeopleSoft data structures;Understand differences between records and tables, the blueprint for PeopleSoft data;Create views using a variety of different methods;Master PeopleSoft relational conventions;Construct pages, components, menus, and navigational structures;Administer security;Understand PeopleSoft-specific features such as effective dating and table set control;Implement advanced page features such as…


PeopleSoft Security Training

Security threats are present in every situation, take care to ensure the security of your team's critical data and keep your people safe! Learn PeopleTools Security and Security Administration from Jim Marion through our two-day course! We provide activity guides and training servers running modern versions of PeopleSoft and PeopleTools. Please note: Your registration is not complete until payment is received. Please contact the organizer if you are not able to make payment with your registration and the organizer will send you an invoice. You will receive your training connection information once payment is received.


Configure, Don’t Customize!

One of the greatest barriers to staying current is customizations. Register now and learn how to convert customizations into configurations. Learn new PeopleSoft and PeopleTools features that help you transform customizations into configurations. Apply new, user-friendly features faster with shorter upgrade cycles, and get current more often. Reduce your functional test load and upgrade costs by reducing your customization footprint. Give your users an upgrade-friendly customized experience while reducing technical debt! Topics covered include: Event Mapping Drop Zones Page and Field Configurator App Engine Plugins Activity Guides WorkCenters Related Content and Related Actions Pivot Grids Simplified Analytics Branding Changes Query…


PeopleCode Application Classes

Application Classes are the foundation for many new PeopleTools features including AWE, Integration Broker Handlers, Event Mapping, and Chatbot Application Services. Our PeopleTools expert Jim Marion facilitates this two-day training course. We provide comprehensive activity guides and access to training servers running modern versions of PeopleSoft and PeopleTools