Read: What is PTF?

  • The PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is a record and playback test automation tool. It is used to automate functional testing. It enables PeopleSoft browser-based applications to be recorded, played back, and logged.
  • Think of PTF a lot like Microsoft Excel’s Macro recorder. It does a really good job of recording exactly what you did. Given the exact same context, playback will replicate exactly what you meant. But the reality is that our data changes. The operating environment changes.
  • PTF records the actions of a single user. After a customization, upgrade, or patch, a recorded test can be played back to make sure that the application still works as intended. 
  • The test assets that are generated (tests and test cases) are “managed objects” in Application Designer, so they can be included in projects with other definitions and copied from one database to another, just like pages, record definitions, PeopleCode, and other PeopleTools definitions.
  • When recording tests, PTF understands PeopleTools metadata. It does not just record changes to pixels on the screen at specific coordinates. PTF understands PeopleSoft fields within specific record definitions on specific rows in the buffer.

There are many user automation testing tools. What makes PTF different from the rest is that PTF is metadata aware. Recorded tests can be compared against change projects to identify test coverage and potential test rework caused by a change project.

  • PTF may be used for more than just testing. Some customers use PTF as a “macro” recorder, running PTF test cases to automate repetitive tasks. For example, each time you copy production to development, you may have some common configuration steps. A recorded PTF test may be replayed to apply these configuration steps.
  • Although it has been (and can be) used for both, PTF is neither a load testing tool nor a data entry tool.

Even though PTF was not designed for data entry, and data entry is not a supported use case, we have found this to be an outstanding scenario for PTF. Today we would call this Robotic Process Automation.