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Query 1: The Basics of Query (CS)

Learn PeopleSoft Query! PeopleSoft Query 1 is part one of our two-part Query series and includes the topics: Introduction to Query Creating queries Modifying queries Selecting fields Duplicate rows Filtering results with criteria Grouping criteria Effective dating Runtime prompts Multi-table queries Aggregate functions Finding your data Our PeopleTools expert Jim Marion facilitates this two-day training course. We provide comprehensive activity guides and access to training servers. Even though Query principles apply across all modules, we will be using a Campus Solutions database for this course.


Fluid 1: The Basics of Fluid

Fluid is the code name for PeopleSoft's modern user experience. Fluid is both simple and complex. A course designed for developers, architects, designers, and system analysts, this class focuses on the simple aspects of Fluid development to make students as productive as fast as possible. Through hands-on activities, students will learn the basics of Fluid development, including Fluid user interface configurations and best practices for page development. Topics covered include: Navigation (Homepages, Tiles, Dashboards, Navigation Collections, and Tile Wizard) Fluid page design Fluid layout Small form factor considerations Fluid search strategies This session is part 1 of a two-part series.…


Fluid 2: Intermediate Fluid Development

Fluid 2 teaches developers the techniques used by Oracle and modern web developers to build both responsive and adaptive user experiences through Fluid. This course builds upon the basics learned in our Fluid 1 course. Students will learn advanced topics such as using modern CSS frameworks for responsive design and creating dynamic tiles for intelligent homepages. Topics include: Creating special page types Using Fluid-specific group box types Leveraging Fluid grid layouts Writing your own Fluid CSS Using Fluid-specific PeopleCode Creating dynamic tiles If you already know the basics, you can skip Fluid 1 and register for Fluid 2 directly. Other…


PeopleTools 1 and 2 Accelerated

Also known as PeopleTools Boot Camp Week 1 and PeopleTools Foundations, this five-day class is for developers that are new to the PeopleTools platform. Our PeopleTools 1 and 2 course makes developers productive as fast as possible. In this course, new developers will: Learn about fields, field types, and labels, the primary building block for PeopleSoft data structures; Understand differences between records and tables, the blueprint for PeopleSoft data; Create views using a variety of different methods; Master PeopleSoft relational conventions; Construct pages, components, menus, and navigational structures; Administer security; Understand PeopleSoft-specific features such as effective dating and table set…