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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is a suite of enterprise applications owned and sold by Oracle that includes Human Capital Management, Payroll, Financials, Supply Chain, Student Management, and Customer Relationship Management. Oracle issues perpetual licenses to PeopleSoft customers, meaning a PeopleSoft customer owns PeopleSoft versus a SaaS customer who rents access to the software provider’s solution. Ownership makes PeopleSoft extremely flexible. Customers may run PeopleSoft on-premise or in any infrastructure cloud. Many customers run in OCI, AWS, and Azure.
PeopleTools is the platform software developers use to enhance, configure, modify, and run PeopleSoft applications.

What is PeopleTools?

PeopleTools represents two parts of the PeopleSoft application. First, it is the collection of PeopleSoft-specific tools developers use to create, maintain, and customize PeopleSoft applications. Second, it is the runtime platform for the PeopleSoft enterprise solution, incorporating the app, web, and database tiers.

Do your courses require prerequisites?

Yes, some courses have prerequisites.

We define prerequisites differently from other organizations. We believe work experience counts. If you have never taken a PeopleTools course but have been developing in PeopleTools for years, we won’t force you to take a PeopleTools I or II course before enrolling in a course such as Fluid 1. While we believe you will gain important insight into PeopleTools by taking our PeopleTools course first, if you already know how to drag and drop fields on a page, you are ready for the next class, whether that is Fluid 1 or Integration Tools Update.

Can students ask questions?

Definitely! Our instructors are more than happy to make time for related questions. Attendees of recorded sessions may send their questions to info@jsmpros.com.

Do I need to provide my own PeopleSoft instance?

Instructor-Led: We provide each student with access to a virtual PeopleSoft instance. For some classes, such as our PeopleTools classes, each student receives their own PeopleSoft instance. Other classes use a shared instance.

On-demand: You must provide your own training instance. If you do not have access to a PeopleSoft instance, we recommend building your own Virtual Box instance. The psadmin.io team has a fantastic free course showing how to use the DPKs to build your own PeopleSoft instance.

Can you provide us with a list of IP addresses for firewall rules?

After contracting with JSMPROS, at your request, we can provide a list of dedicated training server IP addresses

Will other students see my company data?

No. Some training organizations expect their customers to provide a training server and connection details. We are different. We provide our students with a training instance. Since you are not using your server, no one will see your data.

Do you offer functional training?

Yes! PeopleSoft Query is our most popular functional class. We also offer specialized functional training for analysts and QA personnel, including PTF and PeopleSoft Technical Overview. Functional analysts benefit from our PeopleTools 1 training as well.

Are you just reselling someone else’s training material (Oracle)?

Absolutely not!! We write all of our own material. Believe us, that is no small task. We have spent time in the field (boots on the ground) and write our curriculum around real-world scenarios.

Can I share a class with another organization?

Yes! Absolutely! We offer a flat rate for large classes. You fill the (virtual) room for one low price. The break-even point for class size is 8 students. If you find 8 friends and colleagues from various organizations that are willing to share the cost of a course, contact us and we will get you scheduled!

Do you have a maximum class size?

We are flexible on class size. For fixed-price classes, our daily rate covers up to 15 people. We charge a nominal per-person rate for each additional person over 15.

Do you offer consulting services?

Yes, absolutely! Our staff has very broad and deep PeopleSoft expertise. Contact us to see how we can serve you and your organization.

Do people ever fall asleep in your classes?

Haha! If you are asking that question, we haven’t met. No, this has not happened… yet. Jim, our master trainer, is very entertaining. Education is his primary objective, and we believe emotion (entertainment) plays a significant role in learning and memorizing.