PeopleSoft Integration Day!

Integration Day is a one-day webinar presented by Jim Marion! What you'll learn: What is REST? Producing and Consuming REST Understanding the REST URI Template Security, authorization, and authentication Application Services Framework Producing and consuming JSON Cloud integration strategies Testing and development tools At $447 per person, this event is 50% off our standard event pricing! Can't attend live? Register, and get access to the replay for 60 days! Space is limited


PeopleTools Boot Camp

This class is for new PeopleSoft developers that have completed PeopleTools 1 and 2. Attendees will learn the basics of: PeopleCode Application Engine Integration Broker SQR Query Jim Marion is your facilitator for this five-day training course.


Fluid 1: The Basics of Fluid

Fluid is PeopleSoft's latest user experience design paradigm. Fluid is both simple and complex. A two-day course designed for developers, architects, designers, and system analysts, this class focuses on the simple aspects of Fluid development to make students as productive as fast as possible. Through hands-on activities, students will learn the basics of Fluid development, including Fluid user interface configurations and best practices for page development. Topics covered include: Navigation (Homepages, Tiles, Dashboards, Navigation Collections, and Tile Wizard)Fluid page designFluid layoutSmall form factor considerationsFluid search strategies This session is part 1 of a two-part series. If you know the basics…


PeopleCode Application Classes

Application Classes are the foundation for many new PeopleTools features including AWE, Integration Broker Handlers, Event Mapping, and Chatbot Application Services. Our PeopleTools expert Jim Marion facilitates this two-day training course. We provide comprehensive activity guides and access to training servers running modern versions of PeopleSoft and PeopleTools


Integration Tools Update

Learn modern integration strategies and tools to help you implement robust integrations through our three-day Integration Tools update course. This course offers a subset of our five-day Integration Tools course, forgoing Integration Broker basics to focus on emerging technology. As organizations move to the cloud incrementally, we see pieces of ERP functionality migrating outside the once self-contained ERP. For developers, this means increased integration points using modern integration technologies with little choice regarding implementation strategy. Fortunately, PeopleSoft's Integration Broker technology is fully capable of handling these requests. Through this three-day course, you will: Use modern data transfer formats such as…