PeopleSoft Application Engine

Batch Processing

Create and process large amounts of data

  • App Engine overview and structure
  • SQL and Control-of-flow actions
  • State records
  • Temp tables
  • PeopleCode
  • Run control records and pages
  • Tracing
  • Set processing

Learn the fastest way to process data

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Topics Covered

  • App Engine Sections, Steps, and Actions
  • Action execution sequence
  • SQL actions
  • Database commands (PL/SQL, etc.)
  • Libraries
  • State records (AET)
  • State record initialization
  • Parallel processing
  • Temporary tables (TAO)
  • Testing and debugging
  • Trace files
  • Performance tuning
  • PeopleCode
  • Set processing
  • Process definitions
  • Run control records
  • Run control pages
  • Security

Who Should Attend?

  • PeopleSoft Developers