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PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF)

Automated regression and end-user testing

Upgrade faster at less cost

  • Configure and install
  • Develop, record, and optimize
  • Understand the PTF language
  • Leverage variables, logic, and reserved words
  • Use test libraries
  • Understand scroll handling

Use PTF regression tests to reduce upgrade cycles by focusing on issues. Upgrade faster through end-user test automation.

Pricing and Availability


60-days access
$1,497.00 USD


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$1,800 USD


$13,500 USD

About Delivery Options

Topics Covered

  • PTF installation
  • Execution options
  • Testing strategies
  • Recording tests
  • Optimizing tests
  • PTF reserved words
  • Variables
  • Conditional logic
  • Application messages
  • Scroll handling
  • Queries
  • Library tests
  • Fluid considerations
  • Data loader
  • Logging
  • Functions
  • Shell tests
  • Recursive tests
  • Administration
  • Test maintenance
  • Test coverage
  • Scripting PTF

Who Should Attend?

  • Functional Business Analysts
  • PeopleSoft Developers
  • QA Testers