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PeopleSoft Query 1

PeopleSoft Query Basics

Fetch and analyze PeopleSoft data

Learn PeopleSoft Query Basics
  • SQL basics
  • Query Manager
  • Selecting data
  • Filtering data
  • Prompts
  • Joins
  • Aggregate functions

Learn tips and techniques to fetch your data from PeopleSoft’s database

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Campus Solutions

September 13-14
8-4 Pacific
$1,800 USD


$13,500 USD

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Topics Covered

  • SQL
  • Query Manager
  • Modifying queries
  • Creating queries
  • Finding your data
  • Distinct queries
  • Effective dating
  • Criteria and conditions
  • Prompts
  • Hierarchy and related joins
  • Aggregate functions
  • Best practices

Who Should Attend?

  • Functional analysts
  • Functional users
  • PeopleSoft Developers
  • Administrators