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Archives Events

PeopleTools Boot Camp Bundle

This class is for new PeopleSoft developers that have completed PeopleTools 1 and 2. Attendees will learn the basics of: PeopleCode, Application Engine, Integration Broker, SQR, and Query.

Get Tickets $1,755.00 – $8,827.50

Fluid 1: The Basics of Fluid

A two-day course designed for developers, architects, designers, and system analysts, this class focuses on the simple aspects of Fluid development to make students as productive as fast as possible.

Get Tickets $1,277.00 – $2,354.00

Configure, Don’t Customize!

One of the greatest barriers to staying current is customizations. Register now and learn how to convert customizations into configurations.

Learn new PeopleSoft and PeopleTools features that help you transform customizations into configurations. Apply new, user-friendly features faster with shorter upgrade cycles, and get current more often. Reduce your functional test load and upgrade costs by reducing your customization footprint. Give your users an upgrade-friendly customized experience while reducing technical debt!

Get Tickets $3,531.00

PeopleTools 1 and 2 Accelerated

Also known as PeopleTools Foundations, this five-day class is for developers that are new to the PeopleTools platform. Our PeopleTools 1 and 2 course makes developers productive as fast as possible.

Get Tickets $3,384.00 – $8,827.50

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF)

With continuous delivery, we must implement automation solutions to reduce barriers to staying current. Automated end-user testing is a perfect automation opportunity. PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is Oracle's meta data-centric answer to end-user testing automation.

Get Tickets $2,354.00

Integration Tools Update

Learn modern integration strategies and tools to help you implement robust integrations through our three-day Integration Tools update course. This course offers a subset of our five-day Integration Tools course, forgoing Integration Broker basics to focus on emerging technology.

Get Tickets $3,531.00

PeopleSoft Query 1

Learn PeopleSoft Query, a critical tool for ad-hoc analysis as well as search indexes, reporting, dynamic role rules, and much more!

Get Tickets $2,354.00

PeopleSoft PeopleCode

PeopleCode is the business logic language of PeopleTools. We use it for just about every code-related PeopleSoft activity. From simple validations to complex integrations, PeopleCode is a core component of PeopleTools. We use PeopleCode in online processing, batch processing, and integrations. PeopleCode is a required class for all PeopleTools developers and is the very next course after your PeopleTools 1 course.

Get Tickets $5,885.00

PeopleCode Application Classes

Application Classes are the foundation for many new PeopleTools features including AWE, Integration Broker Handlers, Event Mapping, and Chatbot Application Services.

Get Tickets $2,354.00

Approval Workflow Engine (AWE)

Developers will learn how to configure and extend delivered approval processes (day one), and then how to workflow-enable a custom bolt-on module, creating all of the metadata logic necessary to submit an approval request to the AWE workflow engine (day two).

Get Tickets $1,277.00 – $2,354.00