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**Integration Day 2022!** Integrate with the cloud!
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PeopleTools 1 and 2 Accelerated

Also known as PeopleTools Boot Camp Week 1 and PeopleTools Foundations, this five-day class is for developers that are new to the PeopleTools platform. Our PeopleTools 1 and 2 course makes developers productive as fast as possible. In this course, new developers will: Learn about fields, field types, and labels, the primary building block for PeopleSoft data structures;Understand differences between records and tables, the blueprint for PeopleSoft data;Create views using a variety of different methods;Master PeopleSoft relational conventions;Construct pages, components, menus, and navigational structures;Administer security;Understand PeopleSoft-specific features such as effective dating and table set control;Implement advanced page features such as…